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Our AGF Pitch & Match Platform is now open!

As part of the Athens Games experience, you will have access to the AGF Pitch & Match platform that has been made freely available for all registered participants to use in order to arrange meetings at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be registered for AGF 2017 in Eventbrite (using an individual email address) in order to be processed into the Pitch & Match platform.  



What is Pitch & Match?

Pitch & Match is an effective meeting system to match your needs to those of other delegates, and then arrange a meeting with just a few clicks in your browser.

Once you’re logged in, your Agenda shows each AGF day broken down into meeting time slots. Use these to connect with fellow delegates at the designated Meeting Area of the venue or at your own booth

How do I register?

If you are registered through our Eventbrite process, then we will automatically add you to the Pitch & Match platform and you will receive a notification with the log in details.

PLEASE NOTE: The email used to register your Eventbrite ticket is the one the Pitch & Match platform will assign to your identity.

How do I meet at the event?

Simply log in to the Pitch & Match platform and find your potential meeting candidate under the ATTENDEES tab. Here you can search for people or companies using the keyword text box or using the more advance search options. Once you find the person, you want to meet, you can see their availability and suggest a meeting in one of the many time slots.

Should you have any problems, we have staff able to assist you at the Registration area.


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