Coffee & talk

A series of talks and presentations from academics and researchers working in the field of game studies.

A casual and interactive encounter with inspirational people working on exciting projects, sharing their experience and passion for games.



13:30-14:30      Adam Mayes, Uppsala University

Video Game Plots: It shouldn’t be this hard.

Adam Mayes has been expressing disappointment in video game plots, and storytelling, for the last few years. In his session he invites you to try the impossible: Build a world, and create a compelling plot, and then tie that to game mechanics to design the best story telling game to date.

In 60 minutes.

What could possibly go wrong?


15:00-16:00       Paolo Pedercini, Molleindustria

Playing in the dark: political games and the death of satire

Molleindustria [soft industry/soft factory] is a project of reappropriation of video games, a call for the radicalization of popular culture, and an independent game developer. For more than a decade we produced homeopathic remedies to the idiocy of mainstream entertainment in the form of short online games. We tackled like neoliberalism (the McDonald's videogame, Oiligarchy, Phone Story), religious intolerance (Faith Fighter), alienation (Every Day the Same Dream, Unmanned). But how can games dramatize change and conflict in a world that seems increasingly polarized, unstable, and beyond satire?


16:30- 17:30       Luca Carubba, Arsgames

Data, today is one of the most valuable goods. Open data are strategic assets referring to issues as transparency, democracy and free access to information for the public sector.

But Data also tells a lot of stories. Arsgames proposed to think of open data as raw material for video game creation, by generating creative strategies for integrating open data into the development process. In this talk, we present Games Of The Commons (Goods), a project by Arsgames that aim to expand the creative possibility of open data towards game creation and playful data visualization. GotC is a project developed with the support of Barcelona Municipality grounded on open codesign model merging the game dev community with the local social movements. With this project, we aim to think of video games as common goods and way to connect the social and the digital domain.




14:30-15:30         Tsahi Liberman, Tiltan College

Study & Develop games in the Holy Land - Based on true miracles!

Tsahi Liberman is the Head of Game Design & Development Department of Tiltan College / תילתן - המכללה לעיצוב ולתקשורת חזותית and he will talk about studying & developing games in the Holy Land. Israel, land of innovation, has built quickly but firmly an interesting industry of gaming, through values of sharing knowledge, cooperating and developing fast prototypes, but mainly by identifying quickly where our strengths lay and use them to build great games. This talk will be based on true characters, success stories and glorious fails!


16:00-17:00        Game Art session : Costis Papatheodorou, Thanos Tsilis, Vicky Fysika

Moderator: Elina Roinioti

(The session will be conducted in Greek)

Should we consider games as a form of art? Can we compare games with more traditional types of art like painting or music composing? In this session, Costis, Thanos and Vicky, our Game Art Collection committee, will talk about game grahics and music composing in games, will share with us their experience while working in game studios and will give us some insights about current industry trends.



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